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Stash Tartan is now officially registered!!!

Stash Tartan is now officially registered!!!


In October 2023 I applied to The Scottish Register of Tartans to have the tartan officially recognised. I didn't know if it would be original enough given the vast amount of tartans already listed. 

The criteria had to be an original pattern, unique colour placement, overall pleasing aesthetic, and a good reason for it's creation. I wrote at length about the colour significance in my designs, the cross stitch grid format and how I wanted my latest collection to truly original.

I was convinced it would be rejected.

It was accepted.

I couldn't believe it. I took a chance on a design, took a chance on applying and when I received the confirmation I was rather emotional. 

My tartan will live on the register for longer than I will be on this earth. 

So when I say the Wild Scotland collection made from Stash Tartan is original- I mean it. No where else in the world has this tartan, or this format. 

Lots of you have asked my plans for the tartan, for now my focus is still on cross stitch. I have new designs coming in 2024 with even more favourite Scottish icons, watch this space people!

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