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Introducing Myself!

Introducing Myself!

Hi there,


I wanted to introduce myself to newcomers of Vivid Stash.

I'm Lisa, based in central Scotland and with 20 plus years of stitching experience I have created Vivid Stash- the home of bold cross stitching. 

I started selling digital patterns on Etsy in 2021. My first collection was all about colour explosions and proved popular. My next collection focused on workout motivation and it became a hit from California to Sydney. It was featured in World of Cross Stitching Magazine in the UK- pretty proud of that!

In 2022 I started selling kits and in 2023 I released my Wild Scotland collection, based on a tartan which I designed myself. So far it is my most popular collection, more on this soon...



Favourite Colour- Cobalt blue

Favourite Song- Garbage (Crush #1)

Favourite Film- Impossible to pick, it changes by the hour!

Favourite Self Quote- Pick a lane people

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